2021 Crabby-Pear


Crabby-Pear is 50|50 Bartlett Pear and Hyslop Crabapple split. Pears represent a very small portion of the farm at Creek & Gully, and they’re a highly saleable fresh fruit for us,  but there are so many wonderful things that make pears different from apples. Tannins! Aromatics! Sugars! So, to try and make the most of all these differences the Bartlett Pear mash sat in its own juices overnight extracting all that good stuff. We then added Crabapple to the mix to really amplify all these characteristics.

This cider is fragrant, mouth-watering, and round. It’s all pears, flowers, and vanilla on the nose, orchard fruit and green tea on the palate.

Made with our family’s Certified Organic fruit.

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