Events at

At Creek & Gully we host events for us by us and rent out space for your events. Join us across all seasons for various celebrations of food, farming and cider.

Or host an event of your own in our beautiful space! 

Hosting your own event at C&G

Creek & Gully is situated on a 23 acre orchard at the lakeview edge on the Naramata Bench. It’s a beautiful place to be, no question!

We are so excited that you are thinking of hosting your event on our property and would love to work with you.

We rent out the property two ways:

FULL—exclusive to you access to the Cidery Building, Lakeview Lawn, Picnic Terrace, and parking.

OUTDOOR—all access to the Lakeview Lawn, and Picnic Terrace with shared use of the Cidery Building and parking.

Contacting us about an event

If you have an event you’d like to talk to us about hosting at C&G please write us with the following:

  • Proposed event type
  • Proposed date of your event
  • Guest count

And please note that whatever type of event, we do require a day-of event planner to be on site with you. 

whether it’s with us or for you, we’re excited to celebrate with you!

the best way to learn about upcoming events is to sign up or follow us

Our Annual Winter Wassail

what is our winter wassail?

A wassail is an Old Norse and Old English Yuletide tradition. The earliest records of a wassail tradition in England date back to the mid 12th century. A salutation with and to your community for the year that has passed and the year that will come. In many cider-making regions of the UK and Scandanavia, a wassail is a toast to the trees and a wish and a hope for their prosperus next season.  

As a toast, a wassail, of course, involves a drink—and the traditional drink is mulled cider. And boy, do we make a good mulled cider!

So, every year in November—though not quite the Yule—we host a toast to the trees; the year that they brought and the year they will bring.