2020 Flora 473ml Can


Flora, named for the Roman goddess of the Spring is our house cider. It is our place to celebrate all of our family’s Certified Organic apples. Flora is built out of every apple varietal we get at the cidery—every apple that doesn’t fit into one of our other ciders. In any given year that means Flora could contain up to 18 different varietals. This year it is primarily MacIntosh, Red Delicious, and Braeburn but also contains Newtown Pippin, Pink Lady, and Ambrosia.

Unfined & unfiltered traditional method ambient ferment dry & crisp.

This is a can-conditioned cider. That means, that just like everything else we make, the CO2 in this can has been produced by yeast.
7.6% alcohol in 473ml can.
*No added sulfites

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